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                        Contact: Liu Mingrong
                        Mobile: +86-18961021086
                        Fax: +86-523-84850485
                        Type Catalyst series
                        Product name Raney catalyst
                        Chemical component Ni=90%, Al=7%, impurities 0.005%, a little Mo
                        Appearance Grey or black grey irregular particle
                        Particle size Upon customer's request
                        Packing 50KG iron drum lined with plastic bag, or upon customer's request.
                        Uses This product is mainly used in the catalytic hydrogenation reaction of basic organic chemicals. It can be used in hydrogenation of organic matter hydrocarbon bond, hydrocarbon bond, nitro compound and nitrocompound, azo and azoxy compound, etc. Moreover, it can also be used in dehydration reaction, and condensation reaction. In addition, this product can also be widely used in pharmaceutical, dyestuff, grease, spice, synthetic fiber and other fields.
                        Storage and transportation Keep in cool and dry warehouse; it shall be transported by covered truck; keep upright.
                        Security It is dangerous article, thus avoid stacking and transporting with inflammable articles. To protect from leakage.
                        Contact Manager Liu (+86-)13809011383 (aluminium nickel alloy powder and raney nickel catalyst)
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